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In early 2009, the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development (“DCED”) developed the Guidelines for Certification of Economic Development Organizations. Included in these guidelines were minimum standards for organizational certification which were based upon a foundation of finance-related coursework and which apply to all economic development organizations certified by DCED (“CEDOs”).

The central principle guiding DCED’s decision was the importance of having CEDOs become and remain current in the practice of economic development – with a focus on skills relating to loan administration – and demonstrate professional credibility through continued professional development at the organizational level. The direct result of that principle was the creation of the Pennsylvania Economic Development Institute which, today, is known as the PEDI Advisory Committee (the “Committee”).

Responsible for reporting directly to the PEDA Board of Directors, the Committee is tasked with developing professional trainings for economic developers, making training-related recommendations to the PEDA Board, as needed, and overseeing the administration of various aspects of the professional development component of DCED’s organizational certification program, including:

    • Receipt and review of CEDOs’ submissions associated with biennial training requirements, established at 20 Professional Development Units (“PDUs”), including at least 6 in finance
    • Preparation of a biennial report to DCED confirming CEDOs’ completion of biennial training requirements
    • Development of a finance-focused training prior to each of PEDA’s conferences
    • Development of a minimum number of on-demand webinars per year

Reporting Process

For every training attended by an eligible employee of a CEDO, a single one-page PDU Reporting Form must be completed – though not immediately submitted. Biennially, and only once a CEDO has completed 20 PDUs, with at least 6 in finance, during a biennial reporting period (“reporting period”) – but in no case later than July 15th immediately following the conclusion of a reporting period – each CEDO must submit a single PDF to, including the following items.

    • Certification Maintenance Application
      • This form must be completed, signed by the CEDO’s President or CEO, and positioned as the top page of the scanned PDF submission.
      • A check for $500 – made payable to “Pennsylvania Economic Development Association” – for each organization’s biennial Certification Maintenance fee should be mailed separately to PEDA Headquarters (908 North Second Street, Harrisburg, PA 17102).
    • PDU Reporting Forms
      • A separate form must be completed and signed for each training for which PDUs are being reported.
      • No attachments to the PDU Reporting Form should be submitted (e.g., agendas, receipts, etc.).

Upon receipt of complete submissions from CEDOs, PEDA will verify the completeness and prepare a report for DCED confirming whether each CEDO has earned a minimum of 20 PDUs, including at least 6 in finance, and providing notification regarding any CEDOs that have not met the biennial professional development obligation.

Frequently Asked Questions

With a shift to a 2-year reporting cycle for the professional development component of DCED’s organizational certification program, should each CEDO’s submission at the end of FY2016-17 still focus specifically on training taken during FY2016-17?

Yes, the submission each CEDO makes at the end of FY2016-17 should focus on training taken during FY2016-17. However, beginning with the reporting period commencing on July 1, 2017, the process will be conducted on a 2-year cycle.

Are CEDOs required to document the content of or their participation in trainings?

No. The self-reporting process allows CEDOs to claim PDUs based on an acknowledgment of the information in the PDU Reporting Form and understanding of the content of this page.

Are CEDOs required to request approval of trainings they have or would like to attend?

No. The self-reporting process allows CEDOs to report PDUs for trainings in which they’ve participated that they deem pertinent to their roles as CEDOs. Finance-related PDUs may only be reported for participation in trainings that are substantially focused on finance-related content.

Will sign-in sheets be utilized at PEDA conferences or pre-conference trainings?

No. However, PDU Reporting Forms will need to be submitted for all trainings, including those presented by PEDA.

Will CEDOs receive periodic status updates or final reports related to their professional development progress?

No. CEDOs now have the opportunity to track their own progress and to make a single submission to PEDA once each reporting period, once their professional development obligations have been met.

How do I determine the number of PDUs available through a training I attend?

The number of PDUs reported should be based upon actual instruction time, excluding meals, breaks, etc.

If two or more professionals from my organization attend the same training during the same reporting period, may we both report the associated PDUs?

No. A CEDO may only report PDUs associated with a particular training once in a given reporting period regardless of the number of employees who participate or the number of times an individual employee participates.

Will CEDOs be permitted to carry over PDUs from one reporting period to the next?

No. With the expansion to a 24 month reporting period, there will no longer be a carryover component to the program.

What actions should CEDOs take to ensure that PDUs previously assigned or requested during FY2016-17 will be appropriately credited using the newly established process?

In shifting to this new process, which calls for a single annual submission by each CEDO, all trainings for which PDUs have previously been assigned or requested during FY2016-17 must still be reported using the new process and forms by June 30, 2017.

With the move to a self-reporting process, will any ethics-related requirements be placed upon individuals earning PDUs on behalf of their organizations?

Beginning during the reporting period starting on July 1, 2017, any individual earning PDUs on behalf of his or her organization is required to participate in – above and beyond biennial requirements of 20 PDUs with at least 6 in finance – at least one hour of ethics training per reporting period. This training may be taken through PEDA, which will offer a free webinar during each reporting period, or through any other provider. Completion of this requirement will be acknowledged on the PDU Reporting Form beginning with the reporting period starting on July 1, 2017 and ending on June 30, 2019.

Committee Members

    • Kim Barnes, Deputy Director, Northern Tier Regional Planning and Development Commission
    • Robert Cormack, Executive Director, Bucks County Economic Development Corporation
    • Kenetha Hansen, VP Economic Development, York County Economic Alliance (Chair)
    • John Kingsley, VP, Finance, Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corporation
    • Steve Schappe, Director, Business Administration, Penn State University 
    • Melissa Stone, VP of Economic Development, Capital Region Economic Development Corporation
    • Neil Weaver, Executive Deputy Secretary, Pennsylvania DCED
    • Patricia Winsor, Director of Operations, Economic Progress Alliance of Crawford County

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